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Breakfast with ShamuSpecial Price:
7 days for the price of one –
SeaWorld San Diego


Desktop and mobile reservations – U.S. and international destinations, deals and travel packages.

Hotel – photos, maps, rates.

Air flights – compare times and prices, various airlines.

Car rentals – all major airports, compare prices: Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, Fox, National, Budget, Avis, Dollar & Thrifty.

Links to affiliate international travel offers from:


Travelocity, &

TripAdvisor reviews.

Advance & discounted ticket reservations to over 5,500 sightseeing tours and activities in over 400 destinations.

Travel blog featuring travel specials.

Group hotel bookings

Toll-free telephone assistance

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  1. if it looks like I’m in Fred’s fan club, I am. He has given me homework and held me accountable and My website is starting to take shape. I have tried this before and on my own it has been an overwhelming task. Thank you Fred for working with this left-brained soul in a right brained world and helping to make sense of it all

  2. I love how Fred figures out how to help my website generate income on the without my being there just by my promoting the things I believe in! He’s my internet marketing guru!

  3. Fred is encouraging in his efforts to educate and train us in marketing for the 21st century

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